Stereo Photography ‘STEREOeYe’ by Takashi Sekitani

Stereo Photography ‘STEREOeYe’ by Takashi Sekitani.  is a great site that goes with an iPhone App that automatically allows you to take and view cross-eye 3D images (like the one’s I have been making “freehand” for so long).  I am a very happy camper now!

I used the javascript applet PRESS THIS to make a copy of the link of the page I was viewing (Stereo Photography…), and automatically, with a click on a bookmarklet, cause a new window to open to my blog and automatically open a new post window, type the link which is automatically placed at the head of the new post which leaves you ready to write a description of the page you were on when you PRESSED THIS.

I am loving my iPhone. However, it takes a while to learn all the apps one tends to collect. That just means that if you have a girlfriend and want to keep her, you had better not download TOO MANY apps or you won’t have time to pay her the attention she needs to feel you love her more than your phone!

I know I can’t keep my hands off it… not if only “IT” were a she, would I be HAPPY! Actually, I am happy. I love my iPhone and still think I could love a woman more. Now if only someone would come along to prove me right.


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