8 great iPhotos remembering the good times (and future good times) Call the series Converstions: Happy Passover

Aloha Gents!

Happy Passover!


These shots from our visit of Sept 20 2007

This is the original without post processing from which the others below were manufactured… Photoshopped to enhance or make more interesting, enjoy!

I couldn’t imagine I would get you to be more visible but I had to try…

Once I saw this, I knew I might be able to extract something reasonable and lifelike

This one… the best, most natural looking composite from all my tweeking!

caught in the act

Its about time…. two on phone, two waiting, two kids in motion

Trying to do something with the color on this one: to take a “thin negative” and make something of it. We are mere shadows of our former selves.

Hope to see a crop circle soon in the NJ marshlands! Then I’ll know its a UFO for no crop circle has appeared in the US or have they?

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