Springtime in New York = Colors in the Trees are Coming Back!

Yeah the colors are coming back into the trees and weeping cherry blossoms (that are White!) are wonderful. I did capture these lovely sights:

ceramics are cool creative expressions. next time on Maui, we’ll hook up for sure! Meanwhile in search of the perfect weeping white cherry blossoms.

love and hugs,
PS: glad you’re landed in a new better place…. may your health likewise improve! Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Aloha

On Apr 1, 2010, at 11:00 PM, wrote:

Hi Peter and Anne:
Yeah too bad we couldn’t hook up this time, but I’m looking forward to it someday. The move really wore me out. I’ve been offline for a week, resting when I’m not attending my ceramics class or studio time. I’ve been making nice pieces and we’re going to be firing them soon with glazes. Can’t wait. Well hope you make lots of money with your gorgeous photos. Lots of luck and see you this summer. Guess you’ve been rained in for a few days if you’re in New York. Spring should be just around the corner now. Enjoy the cherry blossoms.
Love and Aloha….Harmony


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