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Aloha Friends,

Here’s my story (I posted on CNN iReports site) about the Fireworks show last night: . You can hear Annie screaming with delight! The short link:

It’s hard to get a sense of scale when watching this fireworks on video (there are others I will post on my site). I was camped out with friends from 4pm on, just north of the Chart House Restaurant across from the Empire State building on 34th street on the New Jersey side.

Traffic picked up about 5pm before they closed the roads at 7 to access the area we watched from. Everyone was accommodated in the giant parking lot that charged $20 a car full. There must have been 1500 people attending. Most had arrived just around when we did, at 4pm, latecomers at 5 when the car flow thickened.

Many people I know, regrettably, exhibited negative thinking and were afraid to join us on the Banks of the beautiful Hudson River. I felt sorry for those in NYC watching the works, as the Skyline behind was the best part of the show (after the fireworks)!

They didn’t ever consider taking a risk (ok maybe they considered it, but did not go for the gold!) thinking the roads would be closed, or people would be overrunning the place leaving nowhere to put down a blanket. All unfounded fears.

Beginning with a fly by of 4 jets in formation, the harbor tug and fire boats made a show of escorting the six barges loaded with Macy’s Fireworks, up the Hudson in a slow procession from below 23rd at about 5pm. Once anchored in our spots, we waited til dark with the expectant crowd.

We’d brought our musical instruments and sang olds which mostly everyone was fine with! Others drank, ate picnic style and were mellow until 9:20 when the sky erupted signaling the beginning of what I can only call the most awesome, inventive fireworks display I’ve ever seen!

The whole span of the Hudson River between 23rd and 59th Streets being illuminated in the most dazzling, color filled display of innovative fireworks was truly breath taking. Your chest felt the deep concussion of bomb blasts they’d orchestrated ever so often so you feel the show in your gut! A true multi-sensory experience featuring spinning planets with rings, glowing cubes that hung and rotated in the air punctuated by smily faces sailing across the sky!

The precision each shell was built to brought this ancient art form to new heights each shell was so well packed, the display so precisely timed …WITHIN EACH SHELL, that you could tell not only had the computers that designed the charges and timing to the milisecond, were overshadowed by the amazing creativity of people who put the show together!

The sky was clear and had cooled down considerably from the ninety degree heat of the day. The almost smokeless bursts of light and sound were orchestrated to music filling the perfect night sky.

The requirements needed to deliver a square in the sky, or smiley’s that were displayed in various degrees of light with colors much more intense than I’d ever seen was awe inspiring as was the expanse and dimension of the display!

Golden dew drops danced from the sky, dripping golden curtains drew ooo’s and ahh’s from the crowd of some thousand folks where I was sitting.

My friend and I brought the only guitars in the park and my nephew Jon, a fine jazz musician, brought a keyboard and completed our little bank. We preformed oldies for people who cared to sing along. Not many did but we had fun!

There was no tension at all in the crowd that cooperated without incident. I captured the action with Annie’s Canon 7D. The video was shot at ISO 6400 and f stop set wide open at 3.5. The 7D rendered the colors so vibrantly that you get the feeling you are still there by looking at the movie and images it produced!

It was impossible to get out at the end – given a major traffic jam. After waiting for about ten minutes without moving – in the parking lot, we took blankets back to the park and rested, played in the cool night air, enjoyed the NY skyline in the pristine night air and made some fantastic Spirit Body Process Performance Photography Light Paintings.

Traffic stood still for at least an hour before it finally moved. We left at 1:30am.

My girlfriend Annie and I rested up, then about four hours after the end of the Macy’s light show, we began heading home.

Send me your email and I’ll return you the link to my images: variousmedia

Thanks for checking out my work! BTW, I have also submitted a proposal to the Tech Briefs: Create the Future Competition. You can help me win by visiting the site and voting for my idea for how to make the world a better place:


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