Invitation: Vortex Dome Open House and c3: CreateLAB

The Dome
LA Center Studios
Los Angeles, California

Aloha Veera,

Congratulations! This is very exciting news! I wish I’d known about your dome theater when I was in LA a few months back (too brief to make contact). I surely wish I could be there for this event tomorrow! Alas, I will be traveling – but in October.

That you have created the exoskeleton of this venue for interactive, multimedia, and potentially personal growth and “explorations in healing hearts, minds and bodies thru Creative expression (while generating new community service systems via direct community input) is exemplary and commendable, YEA!!”

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Subject: Invitation: Vortex Dome Open House and c3: CreateLAB
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Open House – Thurs., Sept. 30, 6-10pm

The c3: CreateLAB and

Vortex Immersion Media presents

“Two Visions – One Message:

There Are No Boundaries, There Is No Box”

LA Center Studios Open House

in the

Vortex Dome

On Thursday, September 30th, the newly formed c3: CreateLAB in association with Vortex Immersion will be presenting its debut showcase performance in the Vortex Dome Theater at the LA Center Studios’ Open House. The c3: Center for Conscious Creativity’s newly launched c3: CreateLAB is a platform for the development of experimental works in the performing and expressive arts, driven innovation and emerging technologies. In association with Vortex Immersion Media, the c3: CreateLAB is dedicated to producing content that both explores and communicates awareness of the 15 global challenges presented by the Millennium Project

Dr. Veera Asher has joined the c3: Center For Conscious Creativity as the Executive Director of the c3: CreateLAB for performing arts research and development. Professionally, Veera has worked extensively in live production as a singer, actor, Indo & Jazz dancer, pianist, violinist, songwriter/composer, director, producer, and creator of live stage shows. She has also been involved in academia as a University instructor, researcher, and innovator in performing arts training. Her versatility as a performer, teacher and entrepreneur has catapulted her to the forefront of her unique niche combining motivation, education and entertainment. Dr. Asher is helping break new ground in the production of live performance projects in association with the cutting-edge technologies from Vortex Immersion the c3: CreateLAB sponsor.

“Two Visions – One Message: There Are No Boundaries, There Is No Box”

The September 30th performance will focus on the message of two independent artists: His vision through street dance and film, and her vision through classical-crossover music and song. The performance will incorporate powerful full-dome visuals, as a backdrop to hip DJ beats, pivotal film clips, exotic vocal melodies, extraordinary dance choreography, and ‘the message.’

Charles Handy – Visionary through Dance:

Charles is the creator and producer of “The Evolution” movie.The movie documents the producer’s point of view on how the historic event of a dance battle between “Turf” Dancers is created. “I am living my dreams. I am Thee voice of the streets. I generate a space, for full self-expression through dance, and I represent the hottest dancers & choreographers of all the new urban styles. My passion is to continue inspiring youth to live healthy life styles, with physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.”

Dr. Veera Asher – Visionary through Song:

Veera is a pioneer in the juxtaposition of both the classical and contemporary. The performance of her song “Devi – 3 Parts,” is original in its layering of inspirational words, classical-crossover music, and unique yet sophisticated influences from her South Asian culture, opera, theater, dance and composition background. “As an artist-entrepreneur, I integrate motivation, education and live entertainment in everything I am a part of. I have a passion for the performing arts and supporting artist and talent development, with the intent to give audiences a new and positive experience through continuing to create never-seen-before live performances.”

The open house will take place from 6-10 p.m. at the Los Angeles Center and will feature a performance with composer and musician David Arkenstone, immersive cinema content and other cutting edge technologies.

For those of you interested in attending please RSVP to Katherine Tinder of Vortex Immersion Media katherine.tinder and you will receive further directions upon us receiving your RSVP.

Hope to see you there!


Veera Asher, DMA

Film Maker
Charles Handy

Cristina B.
DJ & Musicologist
Matt Cornwall

Projection Design

Lighting Design
Ted Mizrahi

Technical Director
Ed Lantz

Charles Handy

Veera Khare Asher


urban/street dance
Lil Buck and Crew

contemporary jazz/hip hop
Joe Beauregard
Caleb Chapman
Morgan McCool
Devan Medrano

Our mailing address is:
c3 Center for Conscious Creativity600 Moulton Ave
Suite 204
Los Angeles, CA 90031

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