S3 is Recruiting Mentoring Volunteers!

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From: Mikki_Rose
Date: September 29, 2010 5:24:11 AM HST
To: peter,
Subject: S3 is Recruiting Mentoring Volunteers!
Reply-To: Mikki_Rose

Greetings! My name is Mikki Rose and I am the Industry Coordinator for the SIGGRAPH Student Services Committee, or S3 for short. S3 helps provide added value to ACM SIGGRAPH Student Members, many of whom are also student volunteers at the SIGGRAPH conferences. We also help facilitate the SIGGRAPH Student Volunteers Program. Student Volunteers (or SVs) work at the conference in exchange for conference attendance and, in some cases, housing and travel for the conference week. They help guide attendees around the conference center, staff the SIGGRAPH stores and various booths, function as translators, check badges at doors and many more jobs crucial to a successful conference. As an added benefit to being an ACM SIGGRAPH student member and SIGGRAPH Student Volunteer, S3 is building a mentoring program to help inspire and aid our SVs in their journeys toward entry into the professional world. Through this mentoring program S3 would like to provide one on one mentoring opportunities, topic-based live web seminars (which will also be recorded to post on our website), and reel/resume/portfolio review sessions several times a year. To do this we need professionals from SIGGRAPH related fields (computer graphics, art, visual effects, film production, computer science, web design, etc.) to volunteer their time and expertise as mentors. This is where you come in! We are currently recruiting professionals to volunteer to give webinars and/or review reels, resumes and portfolios online.

Our plan for the webinar presentations is to have a different professional volunteer (or group of volunteers, depending on the situation) do a presentation each month or so on a topic that relates to our students’ interests. We use an online seminar site called GoToWebinar.com, which allows us to set up and host live video presentations, show presenter desktops for examples, control our guest lists, interact with viewers, etc. If our volunteer is willing, we would also like to give the students a chance to ask questions, which we can help moderate. If you have a SIGGRAPH related topic you are passionate about that you would like to give a webinar presentation on we would love to hear about it!

As for the reel/resume/portfolio review portion of our program, we hope to offer this service online about four times per year. We did a first round of reviews on-site at the conference this year which took place over the course of four days and each lasted about 20 minutes. While these reviews were very successful (we received much positive feedback from the students!) our general feeling was that we needed to dedicate a bit more time to each student, typically about 30 minutes. This is why we are hoping to recruit professional volunteers who will each commit to reviewing about five reel/resume/portfolio packets, or an estimated two and a half hours of review time. Students would be required to reserve a spot and submit their materials online (via personal website, Vimeo, etc.) in advance. After sending this email, we will wait two weeks to gather all the responses, then allow an additional two weeks for student recruiting. Then we will give students who were chosen one week to upload their materials and send us the information. After that, volunteer reviewers will have about three weeks to review materials and provide feedback (starting around November 10), which would be submitted online.

If you would like to volunteer to participate in either of these aspects of our S3 mentoring project please contact me at Mikki_Rose. We would be thrilled to have you! Please let us know whether you are interested in doing a webinar (and the topic) or helping with portfolio review (how many can you do, five?) and your area of expertise. Also, if you have other artists, programmers, production staff, etc. in mind that you think might be willing to help with our mentoring endeavors please let me know. I would be happy to reach out to them myself if you will provide me contact information, or if you would prefer to contact them on your own please feel free to forward on this message and my contact information. Thank you for your help!


Mikki Rose
Sony Imageworks – Cloth and Hair TD
SIGGRAPH 2012 – Student Volunteers Program Chair
SIGGRAPH S3 Committee – Industry Coordinator


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