Facebook Status

I just noticed Annie changed her Facebook status To Single. Now she can go after her bass player friend – that she let “play with her privates” like he was – while she and I were dating, causing our first big fight that led to our being in a committed relationship.

He said he could wait, knowing she wouldn’t last long with me. He was right.

It was a great ride that I was wanting to deepen. But Annie is pretty set in her ways and is rather blind to things she was doing (and visa versa perhaps) that began distancing and frustrating me. She didn’t often share her feelings, pretending instead everything is all right.

In the end, I did my best to blend as she put it, but she decided not to meet our challenges with professional help or even discussion.

I thought she loved me more than that. Ultimately, she acted loving but was pulling away without letting me know – or expressing a desire to try to work things out. Too challenging for this beautiful Vietnamese Woman who’s had lot of bad experiences with men. Complications arising from her daughters visit, became the straw…

Sadly, though there was so much love, there was not enough to keep us together. We lasted a year, which for me was the most delightful year of my life. Ultimately, Cultural and other differences/influences caused our demise as a couple. I doubt I could just be friends with her (until MY HEART heals) and handle going to gatherings, only to watch her flirt and “work the room” full of guys wanting her.


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