The End is Really A New Beginning

Here is a photo of Annie and I soon after our First Meeting (our 3 month Anniversary):

I have written on that page a few more thoughts – that follow my already expressed feelings here. Summarized, I might say, “The End Is Just A New Beginning.” I’m reminded of the symbol Rene Assa (RIP) a one time dear buddy and confidant inscribed in a little blank book

580 × 599 – The ouroboros (ancient Greek for “tail devourer”)

that became my journal for that year (my hand written journals (some 25 of them) were later replaced by my Mac and digital thought keeping cira 1986 – but the book have remained as well, just not with as much focus as with posting on the Web and in my book in progress behind the scenes (ITS A GOOD THING I KNOW I’M CRAZY OR I’D SURELY BE INSANE BY NOW)

Its Thursday “Corn Day” because before Uke Practice at the little church on Thursdays, I would carry down the little BBQ I purchased and fire roast us some corn. I might just go down there, set up and roast my corn and yams anyway, I’m getting hungry! Probably one of the things I’ll miss the most is having a dear friend to have meals with. But, Like Three Singing Eagles suggests in her Facebook Note, its all about singularity anyway.


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