Camel Caravan Music Video by Peter H. Rosen

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Produced in 1986 and 1987 with help from Frank Fairweather on Video Editing and Gary Geller on Music Recording. Staring Harry Rosenfield = Camel Tender, Liza Pharow = Female Lead, Peter Rosen = Male Lead, Gary Geller = Dancer.

I recorded the track, my first MIDI production over the course of 1986 and the video was shot on a trip to the Integratron in Landers California. The video was composited with frame by frame animation I produced on Frank Fairweather’s Amiga computer using Digi Paint and was in some cases (the dancing camels) recorded live as I attached the camel caravan to the mouse (as a brush) against a color cycling sky. ; The computer graphic and video editing session took 40 hours with nary a break. I post this as my way of honoring those who helped make the movie and to thanking Frank Fairweather [famed star of the LA-Final Cut User’s group] posthumously as he has changed his address.


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