The Long & Winding Road. This blog will be a repository for adventures on the highways and byways of life, and about other ramifications of living in these days of digital magic.

In the meantime, enjoy some of my homemade movies :

[ ?posts_id=2024679&dest=-1]

If you want to slowly see ( I’m sorry didn’t know your can’t click on the movie to stop on a frame as the Quicktime file was automatically converted to Flash). You’ll get the hang of it! Remember those 8mm days? Or am I dating myself? LOL BTW, If you really want to know what all this is about and discover why I am so committed to facilitating the expression of creative people, read this!

Check out my emporium for more than one of my interesting and unusual videos! They feature my photography, music; both written, composed, performed and recorded by me (Peter H. Rosen) and day to day Life as it happens.


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