Face your Life with the Formula of Creation

Face your Life with the Formula of Creation.

I am passing on this blog entry because I agree, we are the one’s responsible for what happens (or doesn’t happen) along the path of our life. You have control of the outcome of your experience and how you interpret it. The idea of blaming any outside force is a misnomer. You are what you eat is as accurate as you are what you think. Thanks for posting this exploration of Consciousness and Creation!



Maui “Seems” Like a Dream To Me Now, Annie IS THE DREAM!

a fudged photo 2 into one[/caption]
…a happy dream, with lots of love and creative comrades. Now that I have met my beloved Annie, I find that I am no longer able to stay so “imprisoned” on the Valley Isle; given my hunger to contribute on a wider scale, bringing my gifts and visions. Plus mom is getting older (90% functional at 90) and I want to be closer to her to offer what support I can.

Annie and I do plan to come back frequently (See you in July). I am keeping my place there for now. I would like to find someone to sublet it while I am on the mainland if you know anyone really responsible and… (call for my description of the perfect person) and in process of removing my precious archives [negatives, film, magnetic media, etc] where they will be cooler and safer (should the person occupying my quarters do something stupid and cause a fire).

Can you tell how the image was manipulated?

Stereo Photography ‘STEREOeYe’ by Takashi Sekitani

Stereo Photography ‘STEREOeYe’ by Takashi Sekitani.  is a great site that goes with an iPhone App that automatically allows you to take and view cross-eye 3D images (like the one’s I have been making “freehand” for so long).  I am a very happy camper now!

I used the javascript applet PRESS THIS to make a copy of the link of the page I was viewing (Stereo Photography…), and automatically, with a click on a bookmarklet, cause a new window to open to my blog and automatically open a new post window, type the link which is automatically placed at the head of the new post which leaves you ready to write a description of the page you were on when you PRESSED THIS.

I am loving my iPhone. However, it takes a while to learn all the apps one tends to collect. That just means that if you have a girlfriend and want to keep her, you had better not download TOO MANY apps or you won’t have time to pay her the attention she needs to feel you love her more than your phone!

I know I can’t keep my hands off it… not if only “IT” were a she, would I be HAPPY! Actually, I am happy. I love my iPhone and still think I could love a woman more. Now if only someone would come along to prove me right.

Greetings from Australia! Money Making VideoPhone Opportunity

Begin forwarded message:

Hi Gary,

As you well know, most of us (creative folk) need lessons in prosperity consciousness and don’t interface easily with the business world. So I’m grateful for this information as I’m sure others will be.

Creative people a lot of times have low self-esteem which doesn’t help with wealth building. V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media has long been dedicated to serving creative people, both with edutainment events that are nurturing and that lead to new marketing opportunities and sales (besides easily making new friends). V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink is a Creativity Cafe Core Technology designed to spread information like this to audience members and artists alike.

I am posting your note on my new blog [https://vmimas.wordpress.com/] to help spread the word.

Begin forwarded message:

From: gary wohlman
Date: July 28, 2009
To: “Peter H. Rosen”
Subject: Greetings from Australia!

Dear Peter,

Here’s the info i promised you!

I’m writing you, as a long-time friend, to let you know that a dear friend of mine named Rik Schnabel, who also happens to be one of Australia’s most successful NLP trainers and coaches, is coming to Honolulu and Maui in August — and he is leading some special single evening events — He has created a program called “Wealth Club thhat he is taking all over the world, of which I am a part, that is designed to assist people like you and me to shift into new levels of wealth creation and a mindset and life style of freedom that we have been dreaming about for years…

If there’s any chance you can go to this event, and also invite your firends who are ready to change their lives in this way, I can’t encourage you enough to take advantage of this opportunity, I’m also happy to speak with you about this on the phone, on Skype, as well as give you further info via email between now and then. it would be good to re-connect with you, anyway, after all these years!

What are these Wealth Clubs all about?

While teaching people who get involved some basic principles of wealth creation, Rik has merged this within an amazing PHONE OPPORTUNITY that saves hundreds of dollars a month on phone bills ~ with a new advanced technology that uses electricity and satellite transmission rather than phone lines, that — starting in just a few weeks — on the 17th August — for the 1st time in Australia — is launching a new video phone here in OZ, so you can connect with people all over the world and see each other as you enjoy this same advanced technology together — this videophone is already available in America for $30/month (with no extra costs!) for unlimited national and international calling…

This is like Skype yet better, as I’ve recently discovered Skype actually has no privacy (in using Skype, people can actually tap into whatever is being transmitted). And with this new service, you can reach people on their telephones whether or not they are on-line.. What a treat to connect face-to-face more easily with clients, and those nearest and dearest, from all around the world — without having to leave home!

This is not only an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars a month, it’s also set up to have you make money for every phone call that is made through anyone you introduce to the system. It’s fabulous! I’m so excited about it, I’m telling everybody I can who travels extensively (or would rather not) and wants to make closer genuine contact with all kinds of people, all over the world… If this interests you, too, visit the “Phone Opportunity” area on my website’s sub home page “Living Art” for more details… I’m happy to let you know more as to how you can benefit from getting involved with this, as well, if you’re interested…

Better yet, it would be great for you to show up at the event Rik is running in your area, which you have to register for [no charge] See links below…

Looking forward to hearing from you, and also knowing what best phone numbers I can reach you on at what choice of times in the next couple of weeks before Rik arrives…

Mon. 24 Aug. 5:30pm – 8:30pm
To reserve your Waikiki seat – Click Here

For more information or to join us – Click Here

Wealth Beyond Limits! is an introduction to Wealth Club as we continue our global launch of Wealth Club International. Rik’s love of Hawaii and its people takes him to the sunny isles of Hawaii to launch his passion for creating effective change through knowledge applied.

Wealth Club is a unique way to learn how to create cash flow and then focus upon growing your cash flow into wealth. It is a serious program for serious players that wish to play a bigger game. Money changes everything.

Looking forward to hearing from you, so we can re-connect and explore more ways we can be of mutual support

Blessings from near and far,


Dr Gary Wohlman (Elijah)
Founder & Director, Wohlman Wellness & Coaching & Amber Phoenix Pty Ltd