Maui “Seems” Like a Dream To Me Now, Annie IS THE DREAM!

a fudged photo 2 into one[/caption]
…a happy dream, with lots of love and creative comrades. Now that I have met my beloved Annie, I find that I am no longer able to stay so “imprisoned” on the Valley Isle; given my hunger to contribute on a wider scale, bringing my gifts and visions. Plus mom is getting older (90% functional at 90) and I want to be closer to her to offer what support I can.

Annie and I do plan to come back frequently (See you in July). I am keeping my place there for now. I would like to find someone to sublet it while I am on the mainland if you know anyone really responsible and… (call for my description of the perfect person) and in process of removing my precious archives [negatives, film, magnetic media, etc] where they will be cooler and safer (should the person occupying my quarters do something stupid and cause a fire).

Can you tell how the image was manipulated?