This is a concept for an interactive art project; the colors on the spinning “arms” will change according to a person’s distance from the spinning disk and the speed will also change depending on how they wave their hands, kind of like a visual theramin.

Face your Life with the Formula of Creation

Face your Life with the Formula of Creation.

I am passing on this blog entry because I agree, we are the one’s responsible for what happens (or doesn’t happen) along the path of our life. You have control of the outcome of your experience and how you interpret it. The idea of blaming any outside force is a misnomer. You are what you eat is as accurate as you are what you think. Thanks for posting this exploration of Consciousness and Creation!


First Visit to Center For Spiritual Living, West Orange NJ – Minister Stops to “Welcome Me” (unamplified version after treated audio)

I was in the back of the room listening and honored the urge to document the beautiful space with a Photosynth (virtual space) photo [ ] which requires holding up my iphone with the app and scanning the room with the camera on the iPhone to capture the 360 degree view. The Minister was delivering her lesson and stopped in her tracks to inquire. See the church, hear the movie

Cherry Blossom Rain from MacGifmaker

NEW BEGINNING by Peter Rosen

At some point id like to do this song I’m writing with band. This is the casio version

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Awesome Sunset in Tenafly


I have long been working toward permanent manifestation of CREATIVITY CAFE: A NEW SCHOOL FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM; to harness local citizen-Mentors and Creative EDUTAINERS, to impart knowledge and connection to resources via FACILITATED NETWORKING in Venues set up specifically, to extract and nurture THE BEST HUMANITY HAS TO OFFER… in any given community.

These community collaboration and broadcast “nodes” are being designed to speed the agenda & goals of each denizen. Can you dear reader, relate? Would you like to participate and create such a new school where you live? Such CITIZEN BASED SCHOOLS could help accelerate learning, speed social change and make money for artists and audience members alike!

Please join our Google Group and or explore

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