one small voice – Managing Your Finances

one small voice is a blog post that caught my eye. It talks about harnessing your own focus on managing your money! This would have some interest for anyone getting up in years, wanting to stop those who are siphoning off money you allow them to take from you because you:

1) don’t understand finances

2) don’t have the knowldege or time to manage your own money

3) are lazy on that front (personal economics – i.e. dealing with dollars)

4) are too distracted by other aspects of your life? (how to make money, find love, etc.)

Have I forgotten something?

I am days away from being parted with my new friend the Shadow Woman of Turtle Tree Falls in Squirrel Square NJ.  I know I will be missing her severely.

I think I will call over now to see if we can test systems for keeping in touch?

Meanwhile Maui seems like a dream to me now.  I sit on the floor at Mom’s on the futon I brought with me ($100 extra) which was a great move!  I like to floor where my electronics and wires reside. Mom is in her bedroom watching TV, reading or sleeping. We have very little to do with each other unless we are going out somewhere to run an errand.

Still, I’m glad to be her to answer her request for water, OJ, an apple, clearing her dishes from where she leaves them. Picking up things that drop, holding doors open, getting the car, driving her (lynn for some reason is taking Mom to the doctors today).